A la Direction
Quelle courtière extraordinaire: vente en cinq jours et bien au-dessus du prix fixé. Engagée, d’une grande générosité, toujours disponible pour répondre à nos attentes, négociatrice hors pair. Nous lui sommes très reconnaissants pour avoir mener à bien la vente de notre demeure.
Pierrette Quévillon et André Boudrias

Nous voulons remercier l’équipe Ferri pour leurs bons services lors de l’achat de notre maison.

Un merci plus particulier à Amanda qui s’est montrée très professionnelle, disponible et à l’écoute durant tout le processus d’achat. Vous nous avez permis de trouver rapidement notre maison de rêve!

Nous recommandons fortement Amanda et l’équipe Ferri et nous ferons très certainement affaire avec eux à nouveau si nécessaire.

Valerie et Julien

My experience buying my first home with Amanda has honestly been one where i felt guided and comfortable. Amanda was with me every single step of the way, accompanying me to the many  house visits and when she couldn’t be there, Pat was there to represent her. I was never alone in one of the biggest purchase of my life, a time that can be stressful and overwhelming. However, with the expertise, transparency and attentiveness of Agence Immobilière Ferri, the clients’ needs are of utmost importance, leaving me feeling motivated throughout the process and confident with my purchase.

I definitely recommend this amazing team of reliable, knowledgeable agents for anyone in search of a perfect house to call home!



Étant client de Ferri, agence immobilière depuis près de 10 ans, j’ai eu le plaisir d’effectuer plusieurs transactions avec eux que ce soit pour la vente, l’achat ou la location de résidences ou d’immeubles. Je peux donc me permettre de souligner le professionnalisme, l’efficacité et la fiabilité de cette équipe. Par contre, ce qui en fait, selon moi, une agence à part, c’est leur service très personnalisé et surtout cette DISPONIBILITÉ qu’on ne peut retrouver nulle part ailleurs et qui en fait donc leur marque de commerce.


Merci infiniement au Groupe Ferri ! Ils nous ont pris en charge du début à la fin. C’était rassurant de savoir que le Groupe Ferri offrait tous les services (notaire, contact pour le financement,…) sous la même bannière.

Merci de votre patience lors des 30 visites et plus des propriétés.

Stéphane et Annie

Bonjour Vincent,

Je prends ces quelques minutes pour vous remercier très sincèrement pour toute l’attention et la dévotion que vous avez fait preuve à notre égard tout au long du processus d’achat de notre nouvelle maison. Vous m’aviez été chaudement recommandé et je comprends maintenant pourquoi… Votre professionnalisme, votre gentillesse, votre attention ne sont que quelques-unes des qualités qui ont fait de ce processus habituellement stressant une expérience super agréable et pas du tout stressante… Votre sens de l’écoute et votre générosité a fait en sorte que nous nous sommes compris immédiatement. Vous avez rendu possible notre rêve de devenir propriétaire et ce sans trop s’éloigner de Montréal et malgré notre budget!

Nous ne vous remercierons jamais assez de nous avoir trouver « notre nid d’amour ». Nous sommes plus que satisfait du bon travail fait par Vincent Bruno et nous vous recommandons fortement a tous ceux et celle qui comme nous ne s’y connaissent peu ou pas !

Encore Merci Vincent

Marie-Claude & Omar

Nat et Eugenio, une simple note vous remerciant de votre bon travail pour la vente de mon condo du 2635 Rufus Rockhead.

Rapidité et professionnalisme a été de mise tout au long des négociations, je vous recommanderai sans problème.

Encore merci,


Nous sommes très satisfaits des services offerts par l’équipe Immobiliers Ferri Inc.

Nous recommandons fortement de faire appel aux services de cette excellente équipe.

Traiaia et Pehtereva

I would like to express my gratitude for the excellent service I received from the Ferri team. It’s very rare to find a service that professional, courteous and entirely hassle free.

The Ferri team takes the real estate experience to the next level. Not only their knowledge of the real estate business is a big advantage for any customer but the way they treat each one of them is just ‘unique’.

I was so impressed by the high quality of their service that I contacted them to do business with them again.

I will be delighted to have the Ferri team manage my future properties and would recommend them without hesitation.

Thank you Ferri,


I’m a mortgage development manager for National Bank of Canada. I have been working with the Ferri real estate brokers for 3 years , we worked together on many condos projects over the 3 years.

It’s always a pleasure to work with this professional team of brokers. They give detailed attention to all there customers that’s what make the difference on the market.

I highly recommend this firm that’s been on the market for over 20 years, there success is based on their outstanding services.

We established a great business relation over the years and I’m looking forward to working with them for many years to come.

I wish you all the best…


We decided to sell our old home and purchase a new one .So many questions and so many tasks it was almost overwhelming. But with Team Ferri , it was just a great experience. From giving us tips to how to market our home for a quick sell to the ins and outs of how to go about purchasing a new home they were there all the way through. My fondest memories of buying a new home will always be the joy of finding the right one and the great Team work of Amanda and Pat , as they were Professional , persistent and always had some great fun along the way . Thank you for a remarkable journey!


Att: Mr. Pasquale Ferri & Ms. Amanda Ferri

Firstly, I just would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Ferri for being honest, old school and extremely professional and the fact that him and his daughter Amanda works together as a team.

I met Mr. Ferri through another entity as I was searching for another Real Estate Agent to guide through the final choices that I had to make. He said to me : “I’m going to be very honest with you, and I am not going to promise you something that I can’t bring forth but I’ll do my best to help you sell your home and for you to obtain some collateral out of it.”

He gave me a few tips on how to present the house: like painting the window sills and have a clutter free counter top just to give create more visually specs and space when you enter into the house. My advice to you sellers and buyers listen to your agents they know the ins and outs of this profession or try to work with them, remind you, this is why you hired them.

We discussed my options and he perused around my beautiful three stories home. Mr. Ferri posted my home for sale Feb 13, 2012 and we arranged a visit for Feb 17, 2012. The second person within a space of half an hour came and fell in love with my home.

The following morning after only two visits, I had an offer, within less than 24 hours, wow!

I was floored, as a first time home owner, I was in awe! I won’t announce what was the offer, but I can happily state that it was pretty reasonable. Amanda and Mr. Ferri are awesome they continued to follow-up on me assist me with options for repurchasing or renting, they never faded out of sight and that’s what amazes me so much, their devotion and work ethics.

I am recommending them both to all future buyers and sellers’ whether a commercial or a private dwelling. These are the professionals that you would want to appoint.

Thanks you so much Mr. Ferri and Amanda and continue with underlying devotion and commitment to your clients.